chinese new year

year of the pig

february 4-10

soba is celebrating the holiday with an old school chinese dim sum menu with a wide assortment of smaller plates and steamers to try and share. each place will be set with chopsticks, a checklist menu, and a sharp golf pencil to make your choices.

recommended wine pairings are listed below, but our full bar menu will also be available.

soba dim sum menu
price sum sum
1. roasted squash dumplings vegan 10
2. shiitake bao buns: basil, bean sprout vegan 10
3. shumai: chicken, scallion, mushroom soy sauce 10
4. pork dumplings: chili oil, sweet soy 10
5. roasted squash dumplings vegan 10
6. pork dumplings: sweet vinegar dipping sauce 10
7. chicken spring rolls 7
8. deep fried shrimp and scallop balls: spicy soy sauce 12
9. sichuan chicken: crispy garlic, chili peppers 10
10. crispy calamari: chilis, toasted garlic, mint, uni emulsion 12
11. crispy tofu: lemongrass sauce, jalapeno, peanuts vegan 12
12. scallion pancake: maldon sea salt vegan 6
Noodles / Rice
13. vegetarian fried rice: enoki mushrooms, bok choy, roasted winter squash, shiitake bacon 10
14. fois gras fried rice: jumbo lump crab, enoki mushrooms, bok choy 15
15. shanghai rice cakes: chinese broccoli vegetarian 12
16. ginger fried rice vegan 5
17. steamed ricevegan 3
18. spicy cold noodles: black vinegar, sichuan oil, radish vegan 8
19. bok choy and king oyster mushroom stir fry vegetarian 9
20. sichuan cucumber pickles vegan 5
21. pickled carrot and baby lotus root vegan 5
22. mao braised pork belly 13
23. char siu ribs: pork ribs, five spice barbecue, scallions 13
24. shortrib pancake: scallion pancake, napa cabbage slaw, jalapeno 12
25. steamed bass: jalapeno, cilantro, sichuan pepper 15
26. chilean sea bass satays: miso, lemon, chives 12
27. sichuan cured smoked salmon, preserved lemon, chives 13
28. hamachi prosperity salad (yu sheng): toasted sesame, XO sauce, carrot, daikon, soy 13
29. chinese new year cake: red bean, sugared almonds, ginger peach sauce vegetarian 10
30. fortune fruit salad: mango, lychee, mandarin orange, asian pear, dragon fruit, Chantilly cream vegetarian 10

vegetarian vegetarian
vegan vegan

Recommended Beverage Pairings

Royal Mai Tai – Don Q Cristal, Meyers Dark rum, orgeat, lime, pineapple, orange

Corn ‘N Oil – blackstrap rum, Maggie’s Farm spiced rum, falernum, lime, angostura

Urban Riesling – Mosel, Germany 2016

De Perriere brut rosé – France n/v

Tsing Tao (bottle)

Brooklyn Sorachi Ace saison (draft)