soba: songkran

april 8-13

join us for a celebration of the flavors and festivity of the thai new year with dozens of dishes inspired by thailand’s vibrant street cuisine.

night market menu

snacks / munchies

curried cashews (gf)- butter toasted, house made curry 8
prawn crackers – crispy rice crackers 6
chips and “dip”– makrut lime crème fraiche, caviar (gf- except cross contamination with fryer) 16


crispy tofu lettuce wrap – crispy rice, chilis, lime, iceberg (fryer contact, contains fish sauce) 12
green papaya salad – shallot, basil, thai chili, carrot, cilantro, nam jim (gf, contains fish sauce) 12
massaman pumpkin curry – red curry, cilantro, peanut, potato 9 (gf, butter can be omitted) 12
samosa – sweet potato, green curry, tamarind sauce (vegan) 10
corn fritters – scallion, tomato sweet and sour (vegan) 11
crispy noodle salad – fried wonton noodles, carrot, pickled lotus root, thai basil, mint, kalamansi dressing (vegan) 12


nam kao tod – pork, peanut, crispy rice, chilis,lime, iceberg (can be made gf) 12
crispy confit chicken wings – crispy garlic, oyster sauce, cilantro, thai chili relish 13
spring rolls – pork, glass noodles, carrot, shallot, basil, nam prik 10


penang mussels – red curry lobster broth, coconut, cilantro, lime (gf) 16
shrimp toast – french baguette 14
grilled lobster tail – fish sauce caramel, lemongrass, jalapeno, lime (gf) 25
deep fried catfish – stir fried peppers, crispy garlic, chili sweet and sour, cilantro 15
chili soft shell crab bao bun – chili lobster sauce, cilantro 16


cold peanut noodles – sambal, scallion, sesame (vegan) 12
Bangkok street noodles – shrimp, cellophane noodles, bok choy, fish sauce caramel, makrut lime (cannot be made shellfish free) 16
basil noodles – bay scallop, rice noodles, bean sprout, lime 17
mi krop – crispy noodles, pork belly, bean sprout, lime, chilies (gf) 15
steamed rice (vegan) 3
fried rice 5


filet – soy chili glaze 12 (gf) 3 sticks per order
shrimp – lime, sambal (gf) 15
chicken – thai chili relish (gf) 10


thai tea cake – coconut cream, lime cookie crumble, candied lime zest 10
taro root ice cream Sunday – tapioca pearls, toasted coconut, mango, lychee (gf) 10


songkran beverage pairings


khao san road – makers mark bourbon, thai tea, coconut milk
patong punch – bly 105 proof rum, guava, lime, grenadine
thai mule – kaffir lime infused vodka, lime, agave, ginger beer
bangkok tea – boyd & blair vodka, matcha, sours, ginger honey

suggested wine pairings

escudo real rosé – vinho verde, portugal 2018
dopff & irion les crustaces white blend – alsace, france 2015
double canyon cabernet sauvignon – horse heaven hills, washington 2015


singha thai lager